Just Another Bubble [Ch. 1] + OscarSix’s Walkthrough & Gallery Mod

You, Camilla (18) and Valentine (23) have been closer than a normal unit since the passing of your caretakers. And as the oldest two, sharing the same birthday, you and Valentine have tried to raise Camilla for the last handful of years, taking over your caretakers’ cafe.
But it has been a great struggle as your money troubles and other urgent issues start to mount. That’s when Torry, an old high school acquaintance informs you of a dark website post, recruiting individuals for a simple case study in exchange for the money that will ease the girls that mean the most to you.
And you ARE able to get the money. But having it might cause you more problems than you ever thought possible, and may thrust you into a world where certain events defy all logic.
It’s up to the to unravel the mystery behind everything‚Äč

Game description : F95zone
Developer : SuperWriter
Version : Chapter 1

Download : MEGA

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