Leaving the Shattered Nest [v0.01] + Walkthrough Mod

Forced out by his disgruntled father and step-mother, you (MC), are relying upon your mother’s best friend, her three daughters and unsuspecting new friends to get on your feet, develop old and new relationships and to uncover the mystery behind the eviction all while getting into many different naughty (sexual) situations.
The story is set in a first-person perspective and developed in a way that your interactions and choices affect the story, both major and minor plots, especially the conclusion​

Game description : F95zone
Developer : MomosanGames
Version : 0.01

Download : MEGA

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  1. Shibata Red says:

    Wow, version 0.001…does creator realy gonna add 2 pics and update to 0.002…0.003…

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